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Hawaii is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. It is also the second most expensive vacation destination in the United States (New York is #1).


Many people only dream of coming to Hawaii but are not able to because of the cost.

Why is Hawaii so expensive?


This is partly because Hawaii is the most isolated land mass on the planet. Everything that comes here (people and goods) must arrive by airplane or ship.


This creates higher costs for virtually everything you buy in the islands: from food to gas to housing. Hawaii also ranks third in the United States in the amount of taxes paid.

Here’s the good news:


WDGC 2022 is a great opportunity to take advantage of group hotel rates at a luxury resort that are more than $100 lower per day than you would pay if you were to book an individual room.


This is due to the size of the group and our Chairman’s good relationship with the General Manager of the Resort. We are also playing the tournament at a municipal golf course – one of the best in the United States – at a cost of roughly half per round of what is normally paid at WDGC events.


We have also factored in Hawaii fundraising and local sponsorships that keeps the cost as low as possible.

While the cost of attending WDGC 2022 on Kauai may seem higher than other tournaments, it will be well-worth being able to visit one of the most beautiful places on the planet at discounted costs.


We hope to see you on Kauai in October 2022!

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